Which items can I store in the Vacuvita Home Base?

The Vacuvita Home Base can be used to significantly extend the shelf life (up to 3-5 times) of foods that do not necessarily have to be cooled below 44°F (7°C). The Vacuvita Home Base works perfectly for:

Dry foods, such as:

- cookies
- bread
- uncooked rice and pasta
- coffee/tea
- pastries
- nuts and crisps
- crackers

Fresh produce, like:

- lettuce
- tomatoes
- cucumbers
- bell peppers
- carrots
- green beans
- avocados
- corn
- radishes
- other vegetables
- many types of herbs*


And many other types of food which have to be kept dry**

*See the following link for herb vacuum sealing instructions:

**For more information on any type of food and their storage guidelines, please go to: